You'll Benefit From Our Expertise

    When you ship a package there are many things to consider and at postal plus you can compare rates and choose the best one to fit your needs. You can
    use our knowledge to avoid extra charges such as dimensional weight. When you have a large package that is light you end up paying for the size not the
    weight; in such like situations Postal Plus experts can help you pick a box and carrier who will best suit you and your shipping needs.

    Postal Plus also carries your everyday office supplies along with boxes and expert packaging and shipping. Weather you need an item packaged for
    shipping, or so that it might travel with you, trust postal plus for the safety of your large or small valuables.

    Postal Plus can be your one stop shop for all your shipping and packaging needs, so ship without the stress.


 We track all packages that we service.
USPS, DHL, FedEx and even UPS.
We only track & receive UPS packages for our mailbox customers, we do not service UPS.

To find out more about our Mailbox services CLICK HERE .

To find out more about our services CLICK HERE .

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USPS, DHL, Fedex & UPS Package(s)
in one place

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